We usually perceive the place we live in, as something static, with foreseeable changes, inherent laws, history and tradition. We sustain ourselves by constantly imposing ourselves on the landscape, as this is our way of developing a local economy and way of life. The footprint we leave upon our habitat surely becomes our identity. The more dynamic the financial aspect of our livelihood becomes, more dramatic and faster are the transformations occurring in the environment and in people’s attitudes. This constant evolution can often be an upsetting process, hard to understand and time-consuming to get used to. The series of mutations in effect become the evolutionary trail of a place through time. Our visions and needs, how we perceive ourselves within our surroundings, i.e. the way we use and interfere with the environment, can all be imprinted in various forms of art, be it painting, photography, architecture etc. This representation process can be useful as an assessment for our future management. The photographs in this edition are an expression of my personal viewpoint during the past 35 years on the island. Many of them have already been published in the annual calendars of the Municipality of Mykonos. Therefore, I wish to thank the local administration for entrusting me with the presentation of local history and unique natural beauty of this island. I have focused on all those facets which make me feel content and sheltered living here, elements that have withstood the test of time and have managed to contribute into making Mykonos a renowned international destination. Never-the-less, it is these features that desperately need to be protected and preserved in every possible way. Our own choices will determine the way to the future. Vangelis Pelekis Mykonos 2021
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